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I am a commercial customer. Can the VAT be deducted?

On our invoices the finnisch VAT (Arvolisävero = ALV) of actually 24% is shown.

I have booked online. Whats next?
I have booked via your online form. Whats next?

We send you an invoice over the deposit amount. Please pay to our account:
IBAN FI47 5645 0020 0187 43
In the intended use, please indicate your name and the event. Only after receipt of payment your place is secured and confirmed.

I have paid the deposit. What’s happening now?

You will receive from us by email a booking confirmation and further information about the event.

At the latest 60 days before the event, you will receive from us the invoice for the remaining amount.



Are you organizing “real” car-races?

That depends on what your “real” car races are for you.

If only officiall races like DTM or Formula 1 are “real” car races for you -> NO
Here a race or a racing series is “advertised”, teams “sign up” and participate with their own vehicles, mechanics, equipment, etc..

If, for example, a go-kart race with like-minded people is a “real” race for you -> YES
On our race days you can ride your own wheel-to-wheel races with real (“FIA-approved”) racing cars.

Our events are closed events. The participants use our vehicles and equipment and we provide the necessary staff. No race teams can register and participate in our races with their own vehicles.

Thus, our events are more like a go-kart event with a group of like-minded than an officiall racing-event.

How you make sure, I do not have to race alone?

A championship with six races alone or one on one is not really exciting and a too large number of participants can significantly reduce the driving pleasure.

Therefore, we ensure that our groups have always the optimal size.

To ensure this, our booking process must be slightly different from that of a “normal event”.

  • Choose your desired date from our event list.
  • We confirm your date request with reservation.
  • Your travel plan – We will take you there.
    You can already use our concierge service and book your journey and hotel. Our concierge service will take care that these can be canceled free of charge in the case the event is canceled.
  • As soon as a suitable participant field is together for the desired event, we guarantee your booking.
    If, for once, there is no suitable group, we will cancel your booking at least 60 days before the scheduled date.
Can I use my own drivers equipment?

You can use your own drivers equpment, as long it is compliant with:

  • FIA 8856-2000
Can I bring a companion to the track?

For safety reasons no companions are allowed at the Polar Raceway.

If you wish, we could organize a visit for your companion at the track. So your companions can see you in action.

Please contact our hotline!



I need accommodation

We offer you several possibilities to get accommodation during your stay.

  • Take advantage of the hotel packages we offer in cooperation with our partners.
  • Talk to our Concierge Service. We will be happy to help you if you are looking for special accommodation. Whether holiday home, ice hotel or Glasiglu, you have the choice.
  • Use the well-known booking platforms on the Internet. Here you will also find a large selection of accommodation in the Levi and Ylläs ski resorts.
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